Yildiz Technical University Communication Design Bachelor Program (CDP) is established in 1997 as the first program of Turkey in the field of media design as a new discipline. With 20 years of experience, CDP is training experts in desktop devices to mobile applications, television to cinema in every field that visual communication is needed. Our program aims to give applicable education model based on theoretical and aesthetical knowledge and practices by developing students’ visual and problem solving abilities.     

Our four-year undergraduate program is totally 146 Credits / 240 ECTS and can consist of a variety of core and elective courses of the faculties and departments. Multimedia project courses become the backbone of the program and students are supported by service courses to improve their creativity for the design disciplines and media and forced to taste designing experience by working with different media.

Our department lecturers are from different fields of communication design discipline. The studies and research carried out in program presented at academic and scientific environments and in academic indexed journals and these are demonstrating the success of our program worldwide. In 2011 which is the hundredth year of our university, our program became the most active department in terms of academic publications over number of faculty members. Our program’s success not only affected the country as 20 similar new programs are established with inspiration from CDP, our program is also selected as one of the best 50 design schools of the world by Steven Heller, New York Times editor of design unit.

Since our department is founded it is in cooperation with renowned universities and programs in this area, the Erasmus student exchange program in France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Austria are sending students to other European countries and accept guest students from these countries. In addition, various designer groups and seminars by scholars over the world, panels and workshops are held, joint training courses and project work and art institutions are carried out in our department.

Our graduated students have the chance to work as graphic designers or similar units in Turkey’s developing creative industries such as interactive media agencies, advertising agencies, institutional firms and companies. Interactive Media Design graduate program is also training students since 2005 in our department in graduate level.